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Hanoi, Vietnam 06 July, 1987
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Married man and father of two
8 year working experience in total
6 year experience in managerial position & 3 year experience in executive leader
Passionate about human development (through education and health) and animal welfare


Sep 2013 – Present: CEO, Native Thailand – TOPICA EdTech Group

https://topica.asia – http://www.topicanative.asia – https://edumall.co.th

Co-founding TOPICA Native – online english tutoring platform for working adults. TOPICA Native offers learning with native english teachers 16-hour-a-day via virtual classroom. Native is multi-million dollar product which has the largest students in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Co-founding TOPICA Edumall Thailand – the market place for people who are knowledgeable about anything can design an online short course to find their learners and therefore earn significant income from it. Courses from Edumall widely range from personal hobbies to professional working skills.


Aug 2012 – Aug 2013: Marketing Director – SEN Restaurant chain


SEN is the biggest buffet chain in Vietnam with 4 restaurants in Hanoi city. Sen Tay Ho is the single biggest buffet restaurant capable of serving 2,500+ people at once. Beside buffet, SEN offers meeting and wedding services.

Responsible for brand building and business development to retain market leader position for the family-owned restaurant chain.


Mar 2011 – July 2013: Co-founder & CMO – Dynabyte Tech Startup

http://6ix.vn – http://ig9.vn

Dynabyte is a tech startup operating in e-commerce and crowfunding. 6IX.vn is the e-tailer platform that offers shoppers overstocked mid-tier fashion items from US brands. IG9.vn is the first Vietnamese crowdfunding platform that supports creative ideas to become real. Individuals or corporates who need funding can find backers for their projects from the crowd and in return, people who support get a privilege from the project owners. Up to now, both 6IX.vn and IG9.vn stops running.


Oct 2010 – Feb 2011: Account executive, VCCorp


VCCorp is among biggest communications companies in Vietnam, owning massive online advertising inventory throughout diversified branches of websites. VCCorp is direct competitor of Facebook and Google in Vietnam.

Responsible for running advertising campaigns for clients like Samsung, Nokia and Techcombank. Keeping track of the campaigns and reports.


3 year experience in CEO/Executive leader under multi-cultural tech startup company
Experienced in managing large-scale organization (over 300 people) with layers of managerial positions and high targets
Experienced in building industrialized, targeted for growth sales and marketing team
Experienced in international/regional business in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia
Experienced in tech startup, education and e-commerce
Working by logic and target-oriented


Interested in literature; favorite authors: Milan Kundera, Thomas Mann, Romain Gary, Haruki Murakami, Frédéric Beigbeder, Karel Čapek, Jules Verne, Tự lực văn đoàn literature…
Interested in Vietnam modern music 1920 – 1980 (Tân nhạc Việt Nam)
Powerlifting and nutrition. In pursuit of a healthy life.