Hey! Nhìn kìa nhìn kìa dòng đời trôi qua những phút giây
Riêng mình ai, mình ai, vẫn mãi bước trên con đường riêng
Lắng nghe chuyện một người một người không quan tâm khó khăn
Bước từng bước lặng lẽ đến những chân trời xa

A song from Smallfire that somehow best describes me.

Hi there! Thanks for passing by my blog.

I’m Binh Nguyen, 27. In love (since 7).

I’m a philogynist. An ailurophile. A distinctive yet inept Hanoian.

A has-been. The reincarnation of Dinh Hung legendary poet.

I’m the guy who often uses marketing theories to explain things in life.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

MBTI: ISFJ (Introvert(89%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(75%) Judging(1%)

Chief Technology Marketing Officer / Head of Sale at TOPMITO.edu.vn Currently Thailand Branch Director of TOPICA NATIVE (TOPICA EdTech Group). A start-up co-founder; ex-CMO of 6IX.vn and IG9.vn; and business consultant at X-Incubator.

This blog reflects my personal point of view. I’m extreme and biased and conservative, don’t mess with me.

I’m a lonely thinker.

just a curious kid learning about marketing in the most naive way

If you’re a marketer in heart like me, let’s have a coffee talk sometimes.

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